Download the new files from GmodStoreopen in new window.

Take a look at config.php to see if new settings have been introduced since the last update. If so, copy the new settings into your existing config.php file.


For large instances it's recommended to enter maintenance mode prior to uploading the new files and to perform database migrations manually using the CLI afterwards.


Game server integrations and modules should be updated (if updates are available) along with the web instance to ensure compatibility.

Updating from the previous release

If you're only one version behind, simply navigate to the the update directory and upload the contents of the contained web directory to your web server.


The update directory must not be used if you're not running the very previous release.

Updating from an older release

Removing the old files

Prior to updating, remove old files that you haven't modified to ensure a clean installation. As in, everything but config.php and modules. The vendor directory can be left as is unless dependencies have been updated.

Applying the update

Upload the new files to your web server. To finish the update browse to your Ember installation with a web browser. A database update is performed automatically if necessary.