• Navigate to Admin > Servers and click on the + icon on the top left of the server manager.
  • Enter a name for the server and press OK.
  • More input fields will appear. Populate the fields as described below.


  • Enter a descriptive name for the server, such as DarkRP.
  • Enter the public IP address or domain of the server. Required for server queries and RCON, if enabled.
  • Enter the server's game port and query port.
  • Specify the game the server is running.
  • Optionally configure a custom cover image for the landing page server card.


  • Generate a token for the server.
  • Specify the polling interval in seconds. This sets the frequency at which new purchases and bans are checked for.
  • Select the scope of the bans that should be enforced on the server.
  • Select the role sync method to be used on the server.
  • Enable ban log if desired.


Changes to integration settings take effect only when the addon / plugin is reloaded.

Remote console

If the RCON configuration options are filled, a remote console component will appear below the server manager. Ember will also utilize the RCON connection behind the scenes to instantly assign store package roles in-game and enforce server-scoped bans issued from the web interface.

The connection can be tested by sending a command (for example status).

Example configuration