Discord integration DLC


The Discord integration for Ember is not endorsed or created by Discord.


Ensure you have the latest version of the web instance installed.

Download the Discord integration files from GmodStoreopen in new window. Extract the downloaded ZIP archive to a convenient location.

Uploading the files

Open up the extracted archive. Move the discord-integration subdirectory to the modules directory within the directory in which you installed Ember.

└── discord-integration

PHP configuration

Enter a bot URL to the host field and a sync token to the sync_token field in web/modules/discord/config.php. The token will later be assigned to the Discord bot using slash commands.

  • when hosting the bot yourself
    • enter the public URL of the bot to the host field
      • the format should be similar to http://<IP>:3000
    • create your own secure token for the sync_token field
      • do not use the one in shared_sync_token.txt as it's stored on a backend server
  • when using the shared bot
    • enter https://ember-discord.kekalainen.me to the host field
    • enter the token supplied in shared_sync_token.txt to the sync_token field

Adding the bot to a server

Hosting the bot yourself

To run the bot, you'll need Node.jsopen in new window and npmopen in new window installed. Additionally, node-gypopen in new window is required for compiling the dependencies.

  • Move the bot subfolder to a convenient location.
  • Navigate inside of it using the command line and type npm ci to install the dependencies.
  • Set up a bot applicationopen in new window on Discord and add it to your Discord server.
    • Click on the New Application button, enter a name and click on the Create button.
    • Select the Bot tab from the navigation on the left side of the page.
    • Click on the Add Bot button and confirm the bot's creation.
    • Click on the Copy button under the TOKEN label in the Build-A-Bot section and paste the value to the discord_bot_token field of the bot's config.json file.
    • Scroll down and enable the SERVER MEMBERS INTENT under Privileged Gateway Intents.
    • Add the bot to your server by navigating to the following URL
      replacing the number after the client_id parameter with your bot's CLIENT ID found on the General Information tab.

After completing the steps above, you can use node index.js to run the bot.

Adding the shared bot


By design the shared bot requires permissions to assign, create and remove roles on Discord, and by extension all Ember instances and game servers running Ember it's connected to. In case of a data breach all connected servers are vulnerable. For that reason, only use the shared bot at your own risk and preferably host your own instance instead.

If you'd prefer to use the shared bot regardless of the warning above, click hereopen in new window to add it to your Discord server.

Once added, Discord should generate a role for the bot automatically. Make sure to move it to the top of the role hierarchy so that the bot can manage all roles on the server.



The bot can be configured within Discord using slash commandsopen in new window. Type / to discover them.


Roles can be synced after running /setsynctoken with the sync token assigned earlier and /seturl with your Ember installation's URL.


The module can be configured from Admin > Discord. Only mapped roles are synced.