Overriding files

Modules are the recommended way to extend Ember to preserve any customizations when applying new updates. However, if you need to alter the core files it's recommended to use a private Gitopen in new window repository to merge updates.

Below are instructions for using some of the tools Ember is built with.


Ember uses Twigopen in new window for frontend templating. The .twig files can be found in resources/views. Templates are cached for performance. For changes to be reflected immediately, adjust the last line of config.php.

'development_mode' => true

After you've finished editing the templates, disable development mode and manually remove the storage/cache/twig directory to clear the template cache.

Vue.js & SCSS

Reactive parts of the frontend are built with Vue.jsopen in new window and compiled using Laravel Mixopen in new window. The source files can be found in resources/js and resources/sass.

To compile the source files, first you'll need to install NPMopen in new window and then you'll need to install dependencies using the following command

npm ci

After installing the dependencies, you can build the assets and watch for changes using

npm run watch

and finally build for production using

npm run production