Discord integration DLC


The Discord integration for Ember is not endorsed or created by Discord.


Download the new files from GmodStoreopen in new window.

Take a look at the changelog to see if new configuration options have been introduced since the last update. If so, copy the new options into your existing config.php and config.json file(s).


If you're using the shared bot instance, only web files need to be updated.

A new sync token can be found in shared_sync_token.txt. It needs to be entered to the sync_token field in the module's config.php file. Running the setsynctoken command again is not necessary.

Updating from the previous release

If you're only one version behind, simply extract the update.zip archive and upload the contents of the extracted discord-integration and bot directories to your web server and bot directory, respectively.

Updating from an older release

Removing the old files

Prior to updating, remove old files that you haven't modified to ensure a clean installation. As in, everything but config.php and config.json.

Applying the update

  • Upload the discord-integration directory to the modules directory on your web server.
  • Replace the files of your bot with the files from the bot directory.
    • Run npm ci to install updated dependencies.