Here you can find OAuth configuration instructions to allow users to authenticate via third party providers.


By default, users can sign in only through Steam and use other providers to link accounts. To enable using other providers for authentication, set the Authentication provider to Any in Admin > General.



  • create an application on Discord Developer Portalopen in new window
  • copy the client ID & client secret from the OAuth2 tab to Ember's config.php file
  • assign a redirect to http(s)://example.com/auth/discord from the OAuth2 tab
    • replace example.com with the domain of your Ember installation


It's possible to add members to your Discord guildopen in new window after the OAuth flow. To enable the feature, fill out the bot_token and guild_id fields in Ember's config.php file. A corresponding botopen in new window needs to be a member of the guild with the CREATE_INSTANT_INVITE permission.